the features of

with its various tools provides a wide range of possibilities for playing chess and chess960 online.

This programme has been geared towards the needs of online chess players no matter what level they are on.

our philosophy combines the idea of playing chess over great distances with the possibilities of the internet: you can play games of Chess or Chess960 via e-mail or log in to, retrieve your data and play from any computer in the world.

In addition to enjoying the game, the social component of chess has been taken into account, so provides various means of communication such as a forum for discussions. From the other players´ contributions in the forum you will be linked to their profiles and games directly. You can see whether other chess players are online, arrange and organise your own single- and team tournaments and, of course, take part in tournaments, browse the myChess-Wiki and much more...

Another innovation of this programme is a versatile game search engine with which you can search the database for particular openings (ECO), positions (FEN) or series of moves (PGN) or our chess theme library which already contains more than 2.000 openings or: Live-Chess-Modul for all who like playing a little bit faster.

To develop the programme further and improve it we find it especially important to have close contact and active communication with the players.
Just drop by in our chess forum and see for yourself!

A survey of´s essential tools:
  • graphical interface; actions can be started and the figures can be moved by drag & drop or by clicking the figure and than the target field
  • the chessboard can be shifted to view the opponent´s pieces
  • choose between different sets of pieces
  • choose your favorite colours for the squares of your chessboard.
  • choose your personal skin for
  • check, checkmate, draw and stalemate are identified automatically
  • castling, en passant, 50 moves-rule, positions repeated 3 times
  • PGN- and FEN-notation
    (including download-link for single games as well as for all games of a player)
  • current and already finished games can be viewed live
  • live-play feature for all games
  • captured pieces are shown
  • time-limits are managed automatically
  • holiday rules for each player: 6 weeks a year
  • user-friendly organisation of players and games
  • any member can challenge and be challenged. Challenges can also be made publicly.
  • anybody who is no member can also be challenged via e-mail.
  • any member can introduce himself to the others on a personal page by putting a picture and a text there, including all his games
  • any move can be commented
  • with many special functions
  • each game can be commented on publicly in the forum
  • an e-mail will be sent to you if one of your opponents has made a move (can be switched off)
  • message-center to administrade all your messages and mails.
  • you can optionally switch on an acoustic live notification about your opponent´s next moves
  • each notification mail contains a link that will lead you to your chessboard directly without having to log in
  • has its own myELO - rating system (myELO works analogous to the official ELO calculation algorithm) containing a list of the best players/ high score list
  • you can see your myELO-rating after each game and the anticipated myELO-change for your current game
  • with each challenge both opponents can look at their anticipated myELO-change
  • a graphic shows each players´ development in myELO
  • conditional moves possible
  • every player can organise different tournaments as a tournament secretary
  • rating lists for each tournament contain links to all games and players
  • you can participate in tournaments
  • for full members: you can optionally get a higher contingent of games
  • games are automatically being classified according to their ECO-key
  • for full members: you can use the search engine for games using different filtering criteria (ECO, PGN, FEN (positions) etc.)
  • theme library with more than 2,000 different openings and variants for tournaments and games
  • each full member can found his own chessclub or become a member of an existing one.
  • each chesscub is able to pick teams out of its members in order to take part in team tournaments.
  • opening analysis: display and analyse the openings of each player.
  • myChess-Wiki
  • choose between different world time zones in order to adapt all dates and times to your local time zone.
  • Chess 960
  • XfccBasic and Client - support. Easy to use for example with shareware client XECTool.
  • Mobile-portal for mobile gaming.
  • RSS-Feeds: news from the chess forum, the last games and actual tournament-announcements.
  • any more questions? You can contact our team by using the mail to service form
  • Use the free Android app Your Move Correspondence Chess to make you moves.


Costs and Terms
  • Test for free now and become an @member ! Click here!

  • At no extra fees are raised for each tournament or game in addition to your monthly fee. As a full member, you can play 10 single games (+5 free games against @-members) at once and also 22 games in tournaments at once as well as organise tournaments. (You can raise the number of games you can play at once and book additional amounts of 10 at 0,33EUR/month each.)

  • We merely raise a member fee of 0.99 EUR/month, payable one year in advance starting on the day of your registration. ... No, this isn't a misprint: 0,99 EUR/month including VAT (value-added taxes). You can subscribe quickly and securely from PayPal (an ebay-company) hosted and SSL-secured payment pages or remit the money to our ban account. If you want to do so, please sign up as an @-member first and upgrade to full membership in a second step.

  • As a full member you can lead tournaments and you can use all tools provided, for example the game serach engine, which allows you to search the game database with 93587 games for moves (PGN), positions (FEN) and ECO opening keys. Your games will be rated within the myELO-rating system and you will find yourself in the myELO-Hall of Fame. You can have a look at your graphical displayed myELO-development. You can found your own chessclub and take part in team tournaments. ...


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